• If you have a salad for lunch with no dressing, but with meat and cheese and bacon, is that still healthy? :p
  • Dear lady who was peeing when I got into the restroom:
    I didn’t hear you wash your hands.
  • The judges on Project Runway are craaaaazy. I mean, they thought Vincent’s dress was better than Robert’s??? Really?!


  1. yeah, i *hated* vincent’s dress. and robert is (yawn) boring.

    i *loved* michael’s outfit. he’s definitely one of my favorites (if not *most* favorite). i hope he makes it to the final three. :)

    and angela… wow, she’s really surprising me. :P

  2. I wouldn’t say I loved Vincent’s plaid dress, but Robert had 2 strikes in a row!! And come on- he had Jackie Kennedy as his icon… he could’ve done SO much!! I’m so glad Bradley got the boot though… his outfit was horrendous!!!

  3. Yeah it’s true, Bradley was the worst, completely unwearable by anyone! But still! Vincent safer than Robert? Noooo! Boring or not, Robert’s was better than Vincent’s. Although it’s true, Jackie should’ve been easy peasy for Robert. I hope he picks it up this week. I really liked his first design.

  4. I think people should wash their hands after going to the bathroom. I also think salads are good but ask for dressing on the side.

  5. Oh, you didn’t have any dressing. In that case, I suppose some cheese and meat isn’t all that bad.

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