I’m always signing up for online services willy nilly (well ostensibly to decide if I’m going to like it or not). Stuff like Blogger (which is not bad, and really started all the rest of it), or flickr (which is pretty great). Sometimes I sign up for an account, then never really use it. Like ShoZu which I signed up before checking if my phone was supported (it’s not), and also, I’m not even sure if I have a data plan (I don’t even txt msg because I can’t barely type with my thumbs on the keypad — I have a hard time entering people’s names into my contacts). Obviously I didn’t think it through before I signed up.

Anyhows, I signed up on LibraryThing cos the concept was cool — an online catalogue of my books, yay! But the part where I have to enter in all my books? Not so yay. In fact I didn’t enter too much in, and didn’t do anything with it or a while. So I sorta forgot about it, until I was reading fussy and she mentioned about how you can display the book covers on your blog. Which I didn’t know about and sounds kind of cool.

So now there’s a Library page in the links up top with 15 random books that I own and a search for the rest. Although since the books are lying around in boxes and on the ground and under the bed and on the tv, I’m not sure it deserves the name “library.” Also, I ran outta steam after I entered in 51 of them, so that’s it for now. :P I think maybe what I’ll do is I’ll add new books as I get them cos at least that way, they’re sure to be on hand.

Btw, I use All Consuming too, but more for keeping track of books I’m reading and movies I’m seeing than what I own. I dunno if it’s redundant or what. Will have to decide about that, what do you think?