Season premiere was tonight! Maybe I shoulda posted this yesterday, but whatevs, they must replay it sometime. Anyhows, it’s a great show, and I’m happy it’s back. Lessee, so now it’s Tuesdays on Fox at 8pm House, Wednesdays on Bravo at 10pm, then America’s Next Top Model on the new CW network (UPN) on Wednesday at 8pm starting September 20th, then Lost is back! on October 4th on Wednesdays 9pm. Sadly, 24 doesn’t start back up again until January. But really, that works out well for me because it’s on Mondays and I have class on Mondays. Plus Closer is on Mondays. And Psych starts again in January too. It’ll be a lot of tv all over again, just the way I like it. =) I just have to hope that baseball and whatnot sports don’t interrupt my regularly scheduled programming.