We went to a pub quiz at Beckett’s last night. OMG, it was so damn hard! There were 8 rounds with 8 questions per round, which means a possible 64 points. We got 29. Yeah, less than half. But seriously the questions included stuff like “Paris Hilton got arrested for DUI last week. She claimed she’d had one drink. What was it?” (couldn’t remember), “Anibal Sanchez (the player to pitched a no-hitter recently) is from where?” (no clue here!), and “What does the German law Reinheitsgebot regulate?” (so beyond no idea!). I mean there were some gettable ones too. Stuff like “What is Frankenstein’s first name?” which we should’ve known and knew the minute the quizmaster revealed the answer, but couldn’t get at the moment. But not enough for half. Still it was fun. But it did seem more geared for trivia freaks or something. Whew craziness! I think the pub quiz at Pyramid was much nicer. We still didn’t win or anything but it wasn’t like we were turning in 3 answers per round either.

It didn’t end ’til past midnight, but after we went home we played monkey golf on Super Monkey Ball 2. Cos for some reason when we hang with misa and neb, we play old video games that I hadn’t thought of in forever, but then we play it a lot afterwards. So we didn’t even get to sleep until late. I’ve been soo sooo tired today!

Since the pub quiz was so late, we finally went to see Little Miss Sunshine like we’ve meant to forever. Which btw, we both really liked it. It was so funny I laughed out loud and so touching I teared up. We went to see it at the Landmark California Theatre which has some great popcorn with real butter. Yum! Also, there were literally no people in the theatre with us, so I really did laugh out loud. :D

We were actually planning to just hang around Berkeley after the movie and maybe grab some food or something, but after all the popcorn we ate (we got a large cos we like the popcorn at that theatre so much) we were a little sick, so we went to EB Games and got Lego Star Wars II and went home after all and were a little late meeting up for the quiz. It was fun! But we kind of suck at puzzles. We kept on getting stuck at dumb places just cos we didn’t see something, then we’d figure it out and it’d be all, “DUH!”

Also after the movie, we decided to buy a lotto ticket. I dunno, the threat of bankruptcy loomed! No seriously, we passed by some place that sold them and thought, eh, why not. The girl at the cash register asked me my age. I was kind of flabbergasted (it’s been a while since anyone’s checked) and thought to myself, “Dude, I’m way over 18!” But the only part that actually came out of my mouth was “18!” Then I corrected myself and said, “No I mean I’m well over 18 is what I meant.” She looked at me like, uh huh, and said, “I’m going to need to see some id.” Ooops. I guess I couldn’t have been any more suspicious if I’d tried.

I typed that all out in a weird order. I was under time constraints! Project Runway is on now! So I’m done.


  1. yay! you finally saw “little miss sunshine”! i loved that movie, and i think i might actually get it on dvd when it comes out. :)

    also, i got carded once, too. for 18. :P somebody thought i was 12. i don’t know if i should feel flattered or insulted. i’m thinking the latter… :|

  2. Those questions are impossible.

  3. Did you guys get popcorn in a bag with a hole at the bottom??

  4. Wedding Crashers was one of my favorite flicks last year. Owen and Vaughn were hilarious!

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