Mango Passion CerealLast Sunday, while we were wandering around Berkeley Bowl (note to self: Never go to Berkeley Bowl on a Sunday afternoon again. EVER! We spent like 30 minutes shopping and 45 minutes in line), Yut noticed someone with a box of Mango Passion cereal in their cart, which he figured I (or maybe even we) would like, so we picked up a box. The good news is that it’s 96% organic (the little freeze dried mango pieces aren’t organic, for one), it’s vegan, has no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the company donates 10% to some organization called Peace Brigades, and the box is printed with vegetable based inks on 100% recycled paper, if you care about any of that. Oh and it’s yummy. Which leads to the bad news: Yut and I finished the whole box in one sitting. Yes, all 5 servings. Although seriously, who actually eats just 1.25 cups of cereal at a time?! (No need to answer in the affirmative. :P)