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This weekend, I decided it was finally time to upgrade WordPress to the newest stable release (2.0.4). Unfortunately, I decided this on Saturday at 3am. Well I can’t help it if that’s when it suddenly seemed like a good idea. (No I wasn’t drinking. That was later on Saturday.) I figured upgrading from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4 wouldn’t be too awful, and they called it a security upgrade! I’m so used to the necessity of doing security upgrades ASAP that not upgrading for a few versions, and not upgrading right away when they announced a security upgrade seemed like foolhardy laziness. (I didn’t even realize that until I talked to neb, cos I just did it.) Since then, I’ve gone back and read some posts on why a lot of people who were using the 1.5 series didn’t upgrade to the 2.0 series. Still, I think for someone already on version 2, it’s not so bad. Although I did break my daily automatic backups.

Anyhows, since I did all of that, I went around looking for a new theme too, cos I wasn’t perfectly happy with Smooth Dirt and cos I figured it was time for a change (I guess it was Change Weekend around here). I recently read this post on 456 Berea St about Light Text on Dark Background vs. Readability. He finds light text on dark background to be less readable, which I disagree with. Maybe it’s a holdover from the CRT monitors, but white backgrounds can get overly glowy to me. I like light text on dark background much better. Although I hate white text on dark background (overly contrasty), and I definitely don’t like the inverted sidebar (where the main content is light on dark and the sidebar is dark on light). Actually, super bright colors aren’t good anyways (like hot pink or electric blue). So overall, this Emire theme by Phu Ly fits what I’m looking for pretty well, especially after a few customizations — added Sidebar Widgets and FlickrRSS and changed the proportions a little cos I like the content side of the page to be wide enough to fit medium sized photos from flickr. Oh and the standard font is Verdana now instead of Trebuchet MS. Yut helped me with some other CSS changes and other page customizations too. I think I like it the most out of all the themes I’ve tried since I stopped using Blogger with the Dark Dots theme. So yay! But let me know what you think. Is the light text on dark background much harder to deal with? Should I darken my text color a bit? Different font? What would make things more readable?

If you’re looking for links to the plugins and whatnot that I use on this blog, go look at the Credits page. Oh and the Contact form works now too.


  1. I do prefer light text on dark backgrounds. I also like to turn down the brightness and contrast on my monitor. Easier on the eyes.

  2. Ooh but the comments do seem a bit harder to read because it’s a gray on dark gray and the font is smaller. Just noticed. But overall, I love the new look of this site. Nice flickr pics on the top.

  3. i like this theme! i like the top flickr bar too

  4. I like this theme but the character width on the post font is too big. Makes it hard to see the words amongst the spaces.

  5. Okie dokes, font sizes are bigger on the posts and on the comments. Also no more letter spacing. Better? :)

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