So how many of y’all watched the season premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands (the one with the segregation of the races)? I hardly know what to think about it, but I gotta admit it was v. watchable, fun tv.


  1. i didnt even noe survivor was still on… =P

  2. Hehehe — it’s in its 13th season! :))
    They have a black tribe, a white tribe, a Latino tribe, and an Asian tribe.

  3. geez… i havent seen survivor since the very first one… and i watched the second one like once. buh stopped after that. wtf so many tribes… thats so weird… lol

  4. we saw it! actually we missed it but your post reminded us so we got it on iTunes. it was fun. the white team is the most lame so far — their air time was mostly about cuddling and the hotness of some other white team member. :p

  5. i think the segregation of groups by race was done on purpose for the sake of generating publicity. i mean, no other survivor season has been talked about as much as this one. at least, not that i recall. blah.

    still won’t watch it tho — but not b/c of the whole race thing. mainly cuz i don’t find the show very interesting. :)

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