Season 3 Faves?

Last week, when the Project Runway reunion show was on, I slept through most of it. So today, I had a tough decision to make: Project Runway or Lost? I KNOW! Totally hard. Have I mentioned my love for our Replay DVR? (Well not that I am impugning Replay, but I actually don’t care which DVR, any DVR is fine.) In the end, I decided to watch Project Runway, cos it’d be hours of straight Runway, and also cos some part of me likes watching Lost on Replay cos I can fast forward through the commercials instead of yelling, “Noooooo don’t do this to me!!!” at the TV.

Anyways, so my belated thoughts on the Reunion: Keith is a bitch, and please, I don’t even see how he can believe his own bullshit. Although he even sent an open letter to Blogging Project Runway, so I dunno. It was whiny and lame — he seems to feel so entitled. I mean, he totally has this, “breaking the rules doesn’t have to mean more than a slap on the wrist” sort of attitude. Well that’s his attitude when he’s managing to admit that he’s maybe done something wrong. Alls I can say is, don’t be stupid. And especially, don’t be stupid in print. (I know I know, I blog for goodness’ sake, but I don’t claim to follow advice. :P) But anyhows, mostly it was pretty boring. Oh but I loved the Tim Gunn vocabulary segment. Hilarious. =)

Today’s episode was the penultimate episode. I like when Tim goes around to visit all the designers and hang out with them and you see their work areas and lives more and it’s cool. But I always feel like it’s an extended Saturn Sky Roadster commercial. Well, they are a sponsor, I know that, but still. The episode was also the starting segment of “the scandal” — wherein Laura accuses Jeff of maybe not sewing all of his own stuff. But of course, we won’t know what happened until the finale. I dunno though, I wanted them to just tell me already! It’s not like we’re gonna watch to see how the scandal breaks out, but we wouldn’t have bothered before. Puh-lease! I’m so there anyways! Btw, I finally went and looked at the designs from their collections for this season. Somewhat surprisingly, Yut and I both liked Uli’s collection the best. I’m really curious who’s gonna win — I think it’ll be a tough decision. Actually I’m also curious, which collection do (all) y’all like the best?


  1. ohhhhhh- I was just in LA for work this past week and guess who I saw on the street??? HEIDI KLUM!!! She was with her babies… Leni & Henry… but no Seal. She was with some friends… paparazzi were going crazy! She went into some furniture store and they locked the doors! The damn paparazzi were standing there trying to take pics thru the window! Anyways… she is just as beautiful in person as she is on TV… and she’s pregnant again (you can totally see her belly now!)… she was all smiles even with the paparazzi all up in her face!

    I didn’t get to see everyone’s collection, but I really hope Michael wins. Uli’s talent seems so limited… she always goes back to the same thing… those damn printed chiffon stuff!! =P I hate Jeffrey because he’s a total prick… I just think Michael is more versatile and talented!!!

  2. Wow, I like how you actually see celebs. The closest I ever came to a celeb was Ted Koppel in a grocery store. No paparazzi. :P

    I was actually surprised we liked Uli’s best. I thought I would like Michael’s collection the best too, but I dunno, I liked Uli’s.

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