You know what I like? I really like having a car rental place within walking distance of where we live. This past weekend, we rented a Chevrolet HHR (which reminds me of a PT Cruiser, as a free upgrade) and drove around everywhere. On Saturday we had a wedding in Carmel Valley. Did you know October is like the most popular month for weddings? Or so I hear. We’ve only been to like 6 weddings in the last 5 years, and this is the fourth one in October. That’s 2/3!!! It was in Carmel Valley, and on the way down, Yut was like, hey didn’t misa get her wedding cake from that area? Too bad we didn’t think of it earlier! Well also, we left home at like 11:30am and didn’t get back ’til around 3am, so probably there wasn’t a good way to buy a wedding cake, bring it to a wedding, leave it in a car all day, and have it still be good. It’s too bad, cos it’s still the best wedding cake we’ve ever had. Although the cake and cupcakes at this wedding were quite good too. Not that I go to weddings and pay attention to just the food and cake! Heavens no! I noticed the hosted bar/happy hour/sparkling wine too. :)) Actually it was nice and kick back and quite fun. We hung around until 12:30 or so and then decided to drive back. It was tiring, but worth it to get home and sleep in our bed. Well ok, we had no reservations anywhere cos I didn’t start looking for a place until a week before the wedding cos I didn’t feel like booking travel/planning. Details, baby, details.

On Sunday we went out for pho and groceries at 99 Ranch Market. It’s not like we can’t get groceries without a car, but it’s harder to buy 24 cans of sweetened soy milk (think soda size) and etcetc sundry items without it. Not impossible mind you, just harder. We were gonna go to Safeway after, but too tired, so we played games and hung out and posted photos instead. Then around midnight, Lingo called to tell us him and Annie just had a baby. I know! It’s crazy, but I had no idea she was so far along. And we had a car for once! So we went to SF to visit and say hi. Then we went to Safeway. Cos we wanted to pick up some seltzer water for pomegranate Italian sodas, and also some other stuff. And just to take advantage of having a car. We like to squeeze every possible use out of it. :)