A New Chance to be a Wiitard

If y’all missed out on the EB Games pre-order for the Wii, Toys “R” Us is having a pre-order this Sunday (Oct. 29), according to Reuters and Go Nintendo. Plus this time it’s on a Sunday, so it should be easier. I would call or stop by to check on the number that they’re pre-selling and what time they open if you want to be sure to get one. Just think, this could be your chance to hang out with the young’uns, watching the sun rise! Speaking with the voice of experience and all. B-)

This was a public service announcement (motivated by pure altruism!). Okay, now back to my regularly scheduled Sims.

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  1. I was up at 3am Sunday morning!!! But that’s because we were out drinking and my comfy bed outweighed any other desire I had. Wii got put on my “to do” list in favor of sleep. /:)

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