Brain Rotted

I watched sooo much tv today. But seriously, it’s been such a great night of tv, Wednesdays. I’m just glad that Law & Order isn’t on Wednesdays anymore, cos it would be too much. Although of course, do-able. @-)

So it was all America’s Next Top Model, then Lost, then the Project Runway Season Finale. Well then I left the tv on and watched Top Chef. But that one was unplanned! Okay anyways, I’m obviously gonna talk about Project Runway, but I don’t want anyone to be messed up by spoilers. So y’all watched it right? Cos it was good!

Spoilers coming if you click to see the rest!

The whole scandal thing actually turned out pretty interesting cos Jeffery’s been the asshole for the whole season, but in this episode, he was so human, and so normal, and I’m sure more recognizable to his family and friends. Instead, Laura came off kinda like the asshole. I dunno, it just felt like she was pretty catty to him the whole of the two finale episodes, and he was pretty sane and nice to her. Although she’s always been outspoken, so maybe that’s it. But okay beyond that whole thing, not like the outcome was a surprise. Did he seriously think they were going to say, “You can’t show”? For one thing, it would be a major spoiler if he didn’t show at Bryant Park. So everytime he said that, and they showed him saying it multiple times, I was like, whatevs. But I guess they need some kind of drama on the last few episodes.

And then Jeffrey won — I know this is gonna sound lame now, but I wasn’t upset or super surprised with Jeffrey’s win. The judge’s like to pretend like they are hip and edgy and he really hit that better than anyone. And his collection was good. Not my thing, but y’know, I could see their point. My fave is still Uli, her’s just seemed more wearable and flattering. Anyhows, it was a fun episode.


  1. This is why I watched it last night even though the stupid Tivo didn’t record it until the 1am showing.

    Last time I didn’t watch the finale of a show on the right day, a Google ad told me the winner…

  2. bah! i was at africare last night and missed the finale!!! but i guess seeing bill clinton live was worth it (sort of).

    did i tell you i had a dream monday night that jeffrey was the winner? weird, dude.

  3. i didn’t watch it (i fell asleep)… but i know who the winner is!!

  4. Eeep! I didn’t give away any spoilers til after the jump, but maybe I didn’t make it clear enough that clicking would have spoilers. I’ll fix that.

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