Decisions, Decisions

So I swear I been meaning to post about this at least since Monday, but busy busy. Cos on Monday, I received my Sims 2: Pets expansion pack. From Amazon. Which I pre-ordered, so I should be receiving some sort of code or something that should allow me to have a purple pug! (Actually, that’s why I pre-ordered it. It was pre-order from Amazon and get a purple pug or pre-order from EB Games and get a bandit cat. Hard decision. The way I’ve been making (or not making) decisions lately, I considered buying both, but luckily sense prevailed.)

Anyhows, after I got it, I called K right away. She said, “OMG, you are so bad, you called me just to gloat!” Teeheehee, too true. I woulda called CT too, but while she likes The Sims and would want to play it sooner or later, she never feels the urge to play video games right away, right now! Well I think so anyhows. I hope I’m right cos otherwise I missed out on gloat opportunity #2!!! Too bad I had class on Monday. Yut was nice and installed it for me while I was at class so I could play when I got home.

Unlike The Sims: Unleashed expansion pack (the pet ep for the original Sims), there’s no garden component. (Or I haven’t noticed it yet.) In the original Sims, the point was, you could grow your own food, but sometimes rodents (like rabbits) would get in the garden and chew up your vegetables unless you had a cat. If you had a cat, the cat would get in a fight with the rabbit, and if the cat won, the rabbit would disappear in a puff of smoke sort of thing. It was cute. (Sorry misa, but it was! :>) In this expansion pack though, the cats and dogs can have jobs (I think movie star, guard, or service tracks.) And you have to teach them tricks to get them promoted. Like I think “shake” is the first trick to teach a service pet. Oh and you can praise and scold pets to get them to learn things like not scratching up the furniture. It’s pretty fun, so the past two nights, I’ve basically gone home, dinnered, and then played Sims.

But tonight! It’s tv night! So I think I’ll have to take a break. Cos it’s America’s Next Top Model and Lost night. But Project Runway is done, so maybe I can squeeze in an hour or so before bed. :))


  1. s’ok, they’re just virtual rabbits. my frost could take on that bandit cat.

  2. Do what I do and play while watching TV. Increase your efficiency through multi-tasking.

  3. what!? ANDDDD your hubby installed it for you while you were in class?!!?!? o_O… i can’t believe you… it sucks to be a broke college student… no sims =( i will… one day… find the sims pets…. and i will BUY IT! and it will be mine… -_-;; and i’ll make lewis install it for me while im in class.. =P lol not~ i hope you’re enjoying that game… b/c i cant. I CANT…

  4. I saw it at Target. I looked it over and even held it in my hands. Despite the oh-so-adorable puppies and kitties on the box, and temptation of the opportunity to allow my Sims to grow up with a pet, I put it back! I will not give in!!

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