I dreamed that we were playing a board/word game. There were lists of words/phrases/names and within a certain amount of time (measured by a game hourglass like in Pictionary) you had to come up with another word. Only it wasn’t always possible or advantageous or something, so you could skip your turn if you wanted to. Yut kept on winning! I couldn’t even understand what was going on, all my guesses were so far off, and Yut kept on trying to explain to me by giving me an example word and a possible example answer and it still didn’t make any sense.

I finally woke up from pure frustration and indignation. I asked Yut, “If the word is bird, and the possible answer is fizldoink, how does that make any sense?!” He said, “It was a dream, don’t be mad at me!!!”



    that means u play too many brain games~ and its getting to ur head. and u have a secret desire to beat tigs ini everything…

  2. fizldoink is ALWAYS a possible answer. duh.

  3. most days i feel like a fizldoink myself. /:)

  4. soooooo how are the pets?!?!?! i wanna playyyyy >_

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