Bunnies Just Wanna Have Fun

Of all the games we got with the Wii, I wouldn’t’ve expected it, but we finished Rayman: Raving Rabbids first. Yup, it’s all done, except for some reason, we’re stuck at 98% so I guess we have to go back and figure out what we missed winning on.

Anyhows, Rayman was full of super fun minigames, the controls worked really well with the wiimote and nunchuk (the rabbits demonstrated for you in case the written instructions weren’t perfectly clear, so cute!), it was just great and went by really fast. The other reason we got done fast is cos of the minigame format. I mean, even if we thought we had like 30 minutes that’d be okay. With a game like Zelda (also fun) it’s like it’s not worth it if we can’t devote a couple hours. (Or four. You know, whatevers.)

The Wii has been a complete hit, btw. Everyone but the 9-month-old tried at least Wii Sports, how’s that for cross-generational appeal?) Honestly, you may not know it, but you want one. :))


  1. We cannot do the one called “bunnies never close doors” where they are in the toilet… it requires 50 seconds of door closing and the best we’ve been able to do is 48 seconds!!!! :p

  2. Yeah that one is one of the hardest! For some reason, the door slamming doesn’t work that well, especially if the door starts opening wider. Or maybe it’s when the door opens wider I start waving the nunchuk like mad. :P

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