Cradle Robbery

You remember the first time I tested my Brain Age? I was 78 years old (!) while Yut was only 50-something. Well Wii Sports tests your Wii Fitness Age, and mine was 52. Fifty two I tell ya!!! Yut was like 35. I’m talking like it’s in the past and as time goes on, things improve or something, but nope, the truth is, Yut is ALWAYS ALWAYS younger than me, mentally and physically; I never beat him. SUCKS! I guess Stella-Got-Her-Groove-Back-ness is better than male mid-life crisis cliché. (Right?) But it’s a little galling to be a premature senior citizen. :P


  1. duuuude, I was 64. 52 is sprightly! but also that fitness test is badly named. more like wii-sports-skill test! I’m more fit than ben, honest, but he came out to 28. Hmph.

  2. lol well if it helps you physically LOOK much younger than… any of us. :P

  3. are you bringing the wii for christmas? i wanna try this thing.

  4. need you ask?! Of course it’s coming with us! :))

    And I think you’re also fitter than I am, misa. I’ve actually ranged from 43 to 61, but Yut’s range is like 25 to 38. So at no point does my range overlap his, I’m ALWAYS older! It’s terrible. Glad it’s not just me though.

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