I missed it all cos I was in Canada (although we mailed in our votes last week), but I’m glad the Dems have a majority in Congress. And I hope everyone means it about the non-partisan, working together stuff everyone is saying. While I do think that the results of this election show people’s displeasure with Bush and Congress, I also think it was sort of a warning against the Tom DeLay brand of politicking, with its strict party discipline (voting purely along party lines) and meanness and hypocrisy. Made it really hard to be moderate or maybe even progressive Republicans (is there such a thing? :P).

More posts coming! Well probably.


  1. yeah, it’s cool, but some of the moderate and liberal republicans got replaced with conservative democrats — so doesn’t it sort of even out, from an ideological standpoint?

    just say’n.

  2. Actually, I can’t think of one right now. There may be, but I can’t think of any right now, can you? I admit to ignorance about this. And even if there were, one or two wouldn’t even things out ideologically.

  3. god, i read it in the newspaper the other day — a few liberal republicans ousted, a republican who voted across party lines, etc. i’ll keep looking.

  4. The elimination of GOP moderates could push House Republicans farther to the right. By Schaller’s analysis, 10 of the 28 most liberal members of the Republican conference were defeated. With fewer moderates, Republicans are less likely to feel pressure to bow to the wishes of moderates, especially on fiscal issues.


    this isn’t the exact article i remember reading, but the gist is there.

    but apparently i was wrong, as this makes more of a prominent divide in ideologicals. :>

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