This is What’s Left.

Okay, so I typed and I typed and then! Firefox crashed. So never mind. Suffice it to say, we’ve been busy. Besides catching up on stuff cos I dunno after a trip it always seems like there’s catchup stuff to do, Yb and Steve visited the area from like Thursday through Saturday night, and then! Wii launch was on Sunday. Unfortunately, the EB Games we pre-ordered from didn’t have a midnight launch. I asked them to (for what that’s worth) but they didn’t. Photos up on flickr. I started talking about the Edmonton trip which made me remember about the Roman theme room which is why those are the last pictures. But dude, was it not a cool room? If you go to the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton ever, I think the Roman theme room would be a good choice.


  1. “Saturday night, and then! Wii launch was on Sunday” And then indeed!! Woot! Ben keeps sending me wiimail while I’m at work and it’s making me mad with jealousy.

  2. that’s what you guys remember most from the weekend? sheesh, was i *that* boring??


  3. Don’t be silly, no need to blame yourself for being boring, blame Firefox! And Open Enrollment which crashed it, alas.

    Also, misa, we never got the reply back from Ben, but we got yours, so go fig! It’s weird.

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