We flew out on Wednesday, the day that Denver was hit by a blizzard, which already made everything extra bad, but worse than that, we flew United. Denver is a major hub for United, so all of their lines were awful. The United agent we finally spoke with (who was very nice) said that everyone was already working overtime like mad, but there just weren’t enough people to handle the situation. Still, none of this would’ve impacted us since we like to travel light, 1 carry-on suitcase and 2 backpacks total between the two of us, except for one thing: my name is on the TSA blacklist. Completely wiggedy wack!!! The TSA never even notified me, or gave me an explanation as to why. I didn’t even find out until I got to the airport and waited in line for over an hour and missed our flight and FINALLY spoke to the United agent. Yeah, when you’re blacklisted, you can’t check in online or the kiosks. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Flying is going to be (more) miserable from now on. As of right now, I don’t even know how to get off of it, or if there’s even a way. I mean, it has to be a mistake, but I don’t want to have to talk with an airline representative every time I fly. If anyone has any advice about how to get off the blacklist when you’re on it for no reason at all, I would love to know.


  1. Hi,

    I found this article:

    It seems like they just started up a watchlist redress system…

  2. Well I’ll try anything, but the worst is having to stand in line everytime and no more computer printed boarding passes, and this doesn’t seem to necessarily address that. Still,
    seems like the only choice.

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