This whole trip has been all about games and no sleep so far. We’ve played a ton of Scrabble (zoa is a v. important word), card games (especially Napoleon, only not with rules I recognize from anywhere online), and Wii. All sorts of Wii. It’s funny how everyone has their own favorite thing. Before I got here, I thought Wii Sports was the best party game that we have. I mean, it seemed like most picked it up pretty fast, and enjoyed it the most. But since I’ve gotten here, CT’s made it pretty clear her fave is Rayman: Raving Rabbids, K really likes Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Yuli’s the most consistent at bowling (she wasn’t around long enough to show a clear preference), and J likes video games, period. I’m glad we brought the Wii home, but it’s been nice hanging out with people who like to play cards, too.

Haha, you thought since I was visiting my parents I’d post about something different, right? But no, everyone in the family likes cards and/or video games to one degree or another. I mean, for dinner on the 24th with the extended family, one member of every family brought a laptop. All the “kids” (people of my generation) played with the Wii, and everyone, regardless of age played cards at some point. Teehee =)

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  1. hehehe and to think, this happened almost every weekend a few years ago=P post pics post pics! ya ya ya!

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