It’s fun walking around near a college campus sometimes. Today I overheard a bunch of guys walking around. One said to the other “…but he has an enchanter in his level 60 paladin!” Teeheehee:)) That’s all I heard, but they made me giggle a little, it sounded so authoritative. Later, a girl coming towards me yelled, “WHAT? What kind of a FREAK doesn’t get hungry at lunchtime?!” Hear hear!!! Especially since I had just gotten a sandwich:)

Btw, I was going to keep this post wii-free but I really ought to mention that we finished Zelda. Yup 65 hours of playing later (including over 16 this weekend) we got through the whole story. (And multiple fishing expeditions cos I just couldn’t believe there were only like 6 types of fish!) It was damned good, so if you are considering it, just stop considering already. Yut and I really liked it and we both swore off big RPGs ages ago from not being able to finish cos of annoyance and maybe boredom. It’s not really RPG though, so maybe that’s why. But it was a sprawling adventure story, a really good one.


  1. holy cow, you finished? we’re so behind ‘cos of other crap we have to do. next weekend will probably be lots of zelda for me, i can’t wait. i’m glad you liked it. (= i like all the animals in this one.

  2. Any idea on how fast Wii mail is?

  3. Impressive. I, for one, am glad that Zelda isn’t over quite yet. It will be nice to take it slow and experience the dungeons one at a time.

    Now the question is, how many sets of wiimote batteries did you go through? I’m thinking of getting rechargeables right away.

    Also on the wiimail front, as of right now, my wii is not lit up.

  4. Funny that you should mention that. I felt kind of sad on Sunday after it was done cos I wanted more!

  5. ah yes zelda withdrawal… afterwards isn’t it like — what do we do with _all this time_?!

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