Okay, I know it’s an old article published just one day after the Wii came out, but I just read Nintendon’t: The Case Against the Wii (via kottke), and wow did this Erik Sofge fellow get it wrong!

The dude just nitpicks and nitpicks! It’s imprecise! (Sit back away from the tv or something.) Gameplay isn’t precisely like real life! (I don’t know about you, I don’t know the first thing about hitting a baseball in real life, but I would hate it if I never managed to hit a ball in a video game.) Nintendo wants you to think that you’ll be getting up off the couch but you don’t have to! (Erm, but you could. And it’s funner. I think bowling for example is way better if you stand up.)

I feel like Nintendo set out to make a really fun console that’s relatively affordable, and they succeeded. It’s oodles of fun and only $50 more than the Super Nintendo was when it was released, back in 1997, almost 10 years ago. Inflation adjusted, the Wii is less expensive (source: Gizmodo). I’m not trying to say that the Wii is more fun than the SNES, cos the SNES had Super Mario World which reigns supreme for Super Mario games in my book, more like they’re both fun. I think Sofge is too impressed with his own “hardcore”ness. And he’s curmudgeony.

And the part about appealing to “people who’ve never held a joystick before,” like grandpas?

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  1. I’ve read a lot of reviews where people complain about the controls. And then I remember that when I first used the controls, it was slightly difficult, but then I played the game for 30 mins to an hour and I learned the controls and they were great…. so I question how long these people really tried or whether they actually cared to try. In any case, I have no desire to go back to the 15 button controller of yore. Unless it’s for Smash Bros.

  2. i think the controlls are fantastic. especially the whole bit about pointing places to shoot. ‘cos seriously i could never ever ever shoot before. i had to rely on everything auto-aiming, which always seemed a bit lame. (not to imply that i can really shoot now… but i def feel less frustrated)

  3. dood- i rarely play videogames, but playing the Wii was oodles of fun!! it ALMOST made me want to go out and get one!!! :P

  4. Muahahaha!
    Only almost? :P

  5. yayyyyy two more daysssssss :*

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