Rabbids on my Mind

I keep meaning to write something about something besides the Wii, but dude, right now, that’s pretty hard. The other day the Berkeley City College Choir came to class to do a short informal practice/preview concert, and before they even started singing, I thought of “Bunnies Can’t Sing” or whatever that minigame from Rayman is called, the one where the bunnies are in a choir and one of them is yowling instead of singing and you have to find the offending bunny and slap him.


  1. we just played that minigame just now, it’s so cute! :)

  2. Hey, what’s that minigame called?

  3. “Yowling” is the perfect word to describe what the bad bunny does before you whack em. That’s the best game in the WORLD!

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