We played a lot of DotA this weekend cos Cliff’s getting back to playing more, and now CT’s all into it too. Yup, it’s true, even though we spent most of the time playing Rayman all through the winter holiday season, we also installed Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and the expansion, The Frozen Throne on her computer. Then, after we left and took our Wii, we called her up to try out DotA with her, cos we thought she’d like it. Which she does! (We’re insidious that way.) =)


  1. I just bought it. I’m in trouble, big trouble. Still, just to hear “OWNAGE!” and “HOLY SHIT!” in that deep voice makes it all worth it. :P By the way, I heard a Rayman song on the radio today and couldn’t help picturing the twirling dancing rabbits. What are you doing to me!?

  2. aw mann shes supposed to be still playing sims with me!!

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