I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from the break. If it seems like all we did was eat, play wii, play cards, and play Scrabble, then you got a pretty accurate view of the trip. =) Hope everyone had a nice holiday season.

I’m not much of one for resolutions cos they always seem sort of awful, (or in my case, too easy: read more books! harhar) so I’m going to just do a quick retrospective for the year, which will probably be inaccurate cos my memory is so poor. Feel free to add recommendables of your own, although I guess that’s duh. :))

    Recommendables for 2006

  • best purchase of the year: Wii! So excellent!
  • movie: Little Miss Sunshine, as far as I remember
  • new tv show: Heros
  • books: I can’t remember what I read this year and what I read previously, so this is too hard.
  • restaurants: I was gonna try and pick one, but it’s too hard! Chez Panisse and Medicine EatStation were the two best in terms of swanky dining. Michael Mina was really good, too, except my fish entree was just a tad dry, which is nitpicking except at a swanks place like that I expect more. But every other thing was awesome. And Sea Salt is our new fave local place. Lots of previous recommendable places are still recommendable, I’m just trying to keep it down to new for this year.
  • Wii games: Rayman: Raving Rabbids, Wii Sports, and Zelda: Twilight Princess probably got the most gameplay so far, then Trauma Center: Second Opinion. Monkey Ball has been sort of a disappointment; although the actual game is better, part of the joy of Monkey Ball was always the minigames, which just don’t feel as well done.
  • DS games: Pheonix Wright lately for me.
  • applications/web stuff: wordpress (so easy, so not crash-prone), feedable (everything has a feed and it’s way too hard to keep up without a reader), and meebo (im anywhere)
  • cosmetic/beauty type stuffs: Lorac sparkly eyeshadow/liner, good stuff. And hair straightener, for the days when my hair is shall we say too 3D for my taste. This is probably old news, but somehow I totally missed out on discovering the possibilities of a hair straightener for years.
  • feminine product: the menstrual cup! I find tampons way uncomfortable in comparison, especially for the lighter days.
  • gadget: none! I didn’t get a new gadget this year! (Am the picture of restraint, clearly.)

And that’s all I can think of for now. Oh except I have one unrecommendable, which is Earth First toilet paper, too chafy. :P

Happy New Year, everyone!