Tissue: A Product Comparison

Since we’ve gone through over a box of tissues in a week or so, I thought I’d share this: Green Forest tissue is better than Seventh Generation tissue. Not only is the Green Forest tissue softer than the Seven Generation stuff, it’s got a higher percentage of post-consumer recycled paper (both 100% recycled paper, but 40% post-consumer for Green Forest, 20% for the Seven Generation), so it’s better in every way. And btw, since I’ve managed to get Yut sick too, we did a side by side product comparison and we were both in agreement about the superiority of the Green Forest; that’s 100% in favor!

I’ve been trying to take advantage of our colds (I managed to find a bright side, harhar) by testing out more brands of tissue with recycled fiber but we’ve had a really tough time finding these brands. We got the Green Forest at Berkeley Bowl and the Seventh Generation at Long’s Drugs, but Target has NOTHING and neither does Walgreens. I mean, not one brand of tissue with recycled paper content of any kind. Is it just the local Target and Walgreens or is this some kind of bad-Kimberly-Clark-tissues-only at every store in the country policy? Hmmph!


  1. I’ve only seen Seventh Generation at Target. It’s sad. I’ll have to look more closely at what Trader Joe’s offers.

  2. isnt that stuff expensive?? o_O…

    sigh… only u and tigs would come up with the idea of taking advantage of ur sick situation…instead of just resting and getting better! lol dorks :P

  3. It’s actually not that much more expensive:
    Kleenex ColdCare tissue is supposedly 1080 tissues for $31.78 while Green Forest tissue is 4200 tissues for 39.58, so the Green Forest tissue is a lot cheaper! Admittedly the Kleenex is 3 ply, but seriously, how many do you need? Anyhows, even if it were more expensive, it’s worth it for the better bleaching process and the post-consumer recycled paper content, doncha think?
    You should read A Shopper’s Guide to Home Tissue Products, which says, “If every household in the United States replaced just one box of virgin fiber facial tissues (175 sheets) with 100% recycled ones, we could save 163,000 trees.” Just 1 box! Crazy, ain’t it?

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