Two! Hopefully Not Terrible.

I just realized right this moment that this blog is two years old today. Two! I stuck with it! Well actually, after I bought myself years of domain and hosting there was no way my financially savvy (cheap ass) self was gonna stop, so really, the exclamations are a bit superfluous. But you know, it’s more celebratory that way. :))


  1. Happy Birthday! Being an avid fan of your site has been nothing but edifying for me.

  2. Now stop blogging and get in the kitchen and make me some pie!

  3. Has it been that long?? Thanks for the entertainment and keeping my mind off less important things like work.

  4. Very nice. I’m glad you started a blog!

  5. hahahha i told you blogging was funnnn!! but 2 years~ thats awesome~ congratz on not wasting money!! =P and yes thank you very much for giving me something to read when im bored to death =)its very entertaining… and actually sometimes educational =P ooo how i love my nerdy cousin! :*

  6. what kinda pie did you make?

    happy birthday nothing edifying. yesterday (on the actual birthday) some coworker said something about a presentation being edifying and i was all, ‘nothing edifying!’. but not aloud, thankfully.

  7. hey mim – just in case you haven’t seen this, since you like patrick stewart. :))

  8. ha, he’s awesome. And that other guy? Who hasn’t watched any Star Trek? I’m shocked too!!!

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