It started with a cold with all this congestion and runny nose and coughing and fever. I was disgusting! I guess I shoulda taken more decongestants or something because I got a sinus infection. Well okay, I went for a week thinking it was gonna cure itself cos that’s what colds do, so I didn’t actually know it was a sinus infection. Although I did think it might be sinus-related cos the whole right side of my face hurt, but especially my teeth! It was like all the teeth on the right side of my face were gonna fall off and take part of my face with them. Then I started to complain about the pain to everyone (pleasant conversation fodder, if I do say so myself). misa finally looked up the symptoms on the internet for me, which I dunno why I didn’t do it myself except maybe I’m a little leery of looking up medical things on the web. Also I was having these horrible visions of comparing fake teeth with my dad, and sometimes I “deal” with those kinds of bad thoughts by strictly avoiding the situation. :} Anyhows, I finally went to see my doctor cos the all the web pages recommended antibiotics for sinus infection and it’d been going on for a while. Btw, I hate antibiotics cos there’s always these side effects like vomiting or diarrhea, which “doesn’t require medical attention”, but if it’s severe diarrhea it could be <something horrible and unpronounceable!> which is life threatening. I don’t want to think about the severity of diarrhea!!! Also taking antibiotics can cause yeast infections (or thrush is what they call it if it’s non-vaginal). I hate yeast infections. Then last week as I was finishing up with the antibiotics, I relapsed back to a milder form of the congestion and the coughing and the runny nose. Gawd it’s like the cold that won’t stop. I dunno what’s going on this year, cos I know there are more severe colds, but this one just seems to go on forever.

I know it’s not just me, this cold has gone on and on for a lot of people. misa’s been sick, a bunch of my co-workers (one of them threw out her back from coughing so hard), even Yut stayed sick for a couple of weeks and usually he gets well in a day! Still, this is some kind of a personal record. So far in 2007, I have been more or less sick 100% of the time. But today is the last day of January, and I’m hopeful it’ll be a new start. Or something like that.


  1. dude… u were like just sick… wtf… o_O … well i hope u’re feeling better, or at least get well! geez… i have yet to get sick at all… im scared now…

  2. and EAT UR VITAMIN C!! :))

  3. wow, lots of jan blogs about sickness… :P
    hope you feel better soon, mims. :)

  4. that sucks man. i like the theraflu regimen — nondrowsy in the morning, night-time one in the evening. i’m like a theraflu commercial. ben’s done this to me! don’t know if it’s what did it but the hot liquid is comforting at least.

  5. Actually, I’ve had pretty good results with Theraflu too.

  6. There’s been a particularly nasty, evil upper respiratory virus going around too–lasts four to six weeks and usually STARTS in the chest. Just getting over it. Before that, I had a head cold like you that hurt like the flu or something. Good luck with that.

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