Bongo Playing

Last night we went to Chez Panisse with misa and neb for dinner. Chez Panisse is always yummilicious. We didn’t finish with dinner until after 11pm, and when we got back, we started to play Donkey Konga 2 cos we actually have 4 bongos now. We got 3 more in January cos they were on sale — it came out to $5 each!

Red hands from playing with the bongos and clapping
Our hands got all red from the clapping. Concert mode is really fun! I think these bongo games are more fun with more people. Well, I’ve actually only played Donkey Konga 2, so I’m extrapolating a lot here. :P At around 1:30am though, our neighbor banged on the apartment wall — oops!


  1. Haha! You got your neighbors banging on your wall, you party animals, you. One day, I will eat at Chez Panisse because Alice Waters is brilliant.

  2. a culinary odyssey! followed by a percussion odyssey! :)) 4 player bongos was so fun…

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