Defeated At Last

Nintendo released Super Mario World for the Wii Virtual Console this month. I finally broke down and bought it. Although seriously, Yut has a copy (and a working SNES) from back in the day, and CT and I have one too, so it’s not the most sensible thing I’ve ever done. It’s all nostalgia, especially since Super Mario World is my favorite Mario game ever. I say this a lot, so I’m sorry if you’re hearing this for the umpteenth time.

Anyhows, CT and I played that game sooo much; at least 3 months straight one summer. So for once, I am better than Yut at a video game!!! I know!!! It’s shocking! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF OUR RELATIONSHIP!

And the truth is, I’ve always thought CT was better than me at that game. I could never pass Butter Bridge 1, with the stupid sinking platforms — CT always did that level. But today, after hours of playing I got to it and Yut was working on the Vanilla Dome stuff, so I just played it over and over, until I passed it! YES!!! Well it was partially luck, and partially I had to go back to Vanilla Secret 2 (or whatever that level is called) for more lives a couple of times, but you know, the point is, after all this time, I passed that stupid Butter Bridge 1! I know, I am feeling way more achievement than this whole thing warrants. :P

Now I’ve moved well beyond agonizing over whether a game that we sorta have 2 copies of between us is worth $8, and I’m wondering if it’s worth buying the classic controllers for the Wii cos my fingers are getting cramped from holding the GameCube controllers a little weird cos the buttons aren’t in quite the right formation. Gawd Nintendo must be making a killing!


  1. $8 is worth it. You don’t want to have to dig out and set up a whole nother console just for this one game. If you end up buying more old Nintendo games, the traditional controllers MIGHT be worth it. How much are they?

  2. Yeah just the clutter of having all that crap hooked up to your TV makes the 8 bucks make sense to me. It’s not like I’m going to buy very many of those games… not all of them…

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