Hottest Party

West Virginia is planning to put Dance Dance Revolution in schools (via Big Fat Deal) to help combat childhood obesity. I love it, they’re gonna be setting up an arcade at school! I mean, I’m imagining that they’re getting the big arcade version of the game, not a bunch of consoles and soft pads. But you know, they should really consider getting a bunch of Wiis instead. Cos we already know that Wii Sports can be a fitness regimen and now Konami has announced DDR: Hottest Party for the Wii, only you use the dance pad and the wiimote and nunchuk. Take that, all the people who keep saying video games are a useless waste of time. =)

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  1. I got a sore arm using some random Wii-muscles I didn’t know I had when I played Raving Rabbids and Sports.

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