Turnip Cake

Yesterday, Al gave us some turnip cake that his mother made. Turnip cake is my fave part of dim sum, and I love dim sum, so I was really excited. Yut pan fried up some for us and oh my gawd it was the best ever! Yut looked up halfway through eating his and said, “Omg, you’re done already?!” Cos I’d already snarfed up all of mine. =)

Turnip Cake
Thanks Al and Al’s mom!


  1. Mmm… that looks divine!

  2. Never had turnip cake before, but it sounds good.

  3. wow! he gave you guys a whole pan?? isn’t it delish!!! i LOVE his mom’s cooking!!! BTW- i am soooooo excited about french laundry. he sent me the text on valentines day while i was in little rock, arkansas… it was the best news ever!

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