Alas, Maryland

First Day of Round 2

  • Lew: 42 — all by himself at the top!
  • Yut: 40 — no faith in MD paid off, but no faith in the wrong Pac 10 team (UCLA) messed him up
  • misa: 39
  • Kitty, Yut’s brother: 37
  • me: 36
  • CT, Steve: 35
  • Seth: 31
  • YB: 30
  • Jimyo: 24 — exactly Lew’s score backwards!

Lots of really good games today, really close, strongly contested. Fun! Too bad Maryland let me down big time, I had them going to the Final Four, and now I’m screwed. CT had them going to the Elite Eight, so it’s no good for her either. All the rest of you had them out well before, but I had to support my cute fierce turtles! After tomorrow’s games, Yut and I will start calculating the future points already lost cos the team you picked to win lost already. :))


  1. Memphis is out already?! Graceland-town let me down. :(
    And who is Butler??! How did the nobodies beat the turtle’s butts? bummer :-S

  2. Memphis is still safe! :)

  3. muhahahaha… lewis may be winning but va is OUT! =P teeheehee.

  4. ugh, if only those damn hoosiers beat ucla…. alas.

    looks like i’ll be placing the same place as last year — which is second to last place!

    (whoa, lots of “place” in there :P)

  5. frig, I was hoping UCLA would choke too.

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