Australia, Continued (Cairns still)

Since we wanted to snorkel for 2 days, we picked 2 different companies: Quicksilver and Tusa Dive.

The particular Quicksilver package we picked took us on a huge air-conditioned boat that carried hundreds of people and drove us out pretty far out to what looked like a permanent platform. There were lots of people who looked like they never actually went into the water since the platform has things like an underwater glass viewing area, optional semi-submersible boats, and other activities for people who want to see things but aren’t inclined to get into the water. Also, they provided a huge lunch. Even though it was a cloudy day, the water was really warm. We rented the lycra suits ($5) for protection (sun and organism), and CT and I got life jackets cos we don’t swim too well. Yut got one too actually cos he figured he wouldn’t have to think about swimming while he was looking around at stuff. Yut’s brother had an underwater camera, so all the photos from that are actually his. OMG CT was a total spaz! I thought she just couldn’t swim, but dude, she’s actually afraid of water! Or maybe moving water and waves cos I never noticed before from going with her to the pool. Luckily they had a bunch of buoys and lines so she had something to hold on to even if she didn’t actually always use it. Yut’s brother was the most adventurous and went out beyond all the lines and buoys and actually saw a sea turtle! We actually really liked the platform, it just seemed good for all levels.

Tusa Dive was a more standard get on a boat deal (about 30 people total) then stop somewhere and you get off the back of the boat. And they gave us noodles instead of life jackets, but actually I like noodles better. The day itself was sunny and much nicer. They didn’t offer us full body lycra suits but did give us partial wetsuits. On the way back, Yut fell asleep on the boat and he got sunburned pretty badly. I got sunburned pretty bad where the wetsuit didn’t cover. Actually we both got more burned than we’ve ever been more. Anyhows, both experiences were nice. Tiring though.

I thought I would be helpful and give like hints about stuff we did in Cairns, but I guess I wasn’t that useful. :P Well maybe in the sense that both of those were fine. We rented a car the next day and drove around to the tablelands rainforesty area and looked up some water falls and stuff. I dunno, I hate mosquitoes (mozzies) and I got bitten 3 times! The water falls were pretty cool though. On the last day we were in Cairns, we went up to Kuranda by car — we’d considered the skyrail, but it was like $60 per person! Which we didn’t think we cared that much. Then we walked to Barron Falls (6km) which is crazy to me. Kuranda has this place called Annabel’s pastries which has some pretty darned good meat pies (I think they have some vegetarian versions too). As far as I know, there’s only one daily flight from Cairns to Adelaide at around 5pm with arrival around 10pm or something like that which is why we had all that time to be hiking and stuff. (Sheesh!!!) Also, there’s been no internet around!!! Actually in Cairns it wasn’t so bad cos a lot of times we were so busy all day we barely had time to do anything computer-wise.

Okay, more later. And this is completely unrelated, but remember to submit your brackets! Due 9am!!!


  1. I loved Cairns! Best place to shop compared to Sydney and Adelaide! It was also when I had the most energy, but it sure did wear me out! Also, I’m glad we figured out how to get me in the water on both snorkeling days. It was really worth it, and I would’ve been sorry if I had given up. Thanks!!
    The reefs in were spectacular.

  2. bah, don’t feel bad about being afraid of the water. i find that i don’t like going into the water at beaches too much b/c i have an abnormal fear of being sucked into the ocean. :P

    but i snorkeled in the waters off cozumel, and it was FANTASTIC. :) great complete body work-out — i was sore head-to-toe the next day. :D

  3. AHAHAHHAHA… :P i can just picture ct flailing her arms screamin about jumpin into the water~ hahaha

  4. You have no idea how accurate your mental picture is, K!!!
    She got in the water, with a life jacket mind you, and then every time a wave came, she’d scream. Pretty funny stuff. :)

    Still, I was probably the worst at keeping my mask sealed cos I’d always end up with sea water all over. Sometimes it was just from me getting excited from seeing something cool and I’d start breathing through my nose again which messes up the seal, sometimes I dunno why.

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