Bracketology 2007

Well on a completely separate topic, it’s that time of the year again: March Madness 2007! We got back just in time for Selection Sunday — totally planned that. Okay, no not really, but I am glad I’m not missing it. It’s still the funnest and most exciting yearly championship sporting event type deal; I like it better than the Super Bowl. So of course it’s time for the Know-Nothing No Downside Not Much Upside Pool again! Yut and I have been sending out Todd’s excellent spreadsheet bracket to people who we think would like to play (mostly people who played previously), but if others of you want to play just send me your picks however you want to (brackets like this one can be found anywhere), or email me (mim at this domain or use my contact form) and I’ll send you the spreadsheet. If I forgot to email you, well I’m sleepy and disorganized, so just email me and lemme know, ok?

Rules are:

  • Pick the winners of all 63 games. The scoring will be: 1 pt for each first round game, 2 pts for each second round game, then 3, 4, 6, and finally 8 pts for the championship game.
  • Entries are due at 9am PST Thursday morning. (Gawd I hope I got this right this time.)
  • The tiebreaker will be the total number of points in the championship game.

As always I’d like to thank Todd, from whom I totally copied and pasted. Except for the no money, random prize, bunch of people who don’t know really pay much attention to basketball part, but you know, whatevs. =)

Just cos I’m nice, here’s a little bit of bracketology: 16 seeds have thus far never beaten a 1 seed. Not that maybe someday it couldn’t happen, but probably not this year. No. 15s have beaten No. 2s, but it’s a rarity, probably not a good bet. On the other hand, I’ve never won a pool, so I probably shouldn’t be trying to give advice! Yeah ok, fill em out, send em in (by 9am Thursday!), and have fun!


  1. lol maybe being in college will help me this time… =P… or not.. hahaha. i LOVE ur aussie pics!!! =)

  2. I’m going to beat everybody’s butts this time for real. I love the pics too.

  3. i spent 5 mins doing mine this morning — whew! and thank god for the time zone diff. i finished mine with a couple of hours to spare. suh-weeeeet.

    oh, and i also dragged steve into this this time :D.

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