CT Rocks(?)!

Well, after the first day’s worth of March Madness, CT is in the lead!!! She’s gone from tied for last in 2005 to fourth last year to currently first. Sheesh, just goes to show, picking based on your Sims’ names is a bad idea! Whatever your new scheme is, is good!

There they are, the scores. Darn me for not picking Boston College, when I know ACC roxors! On the other hand, Duke lost, Maryland won (and everyone called it), yay!

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  1. omg, at 12 points, i think i did about 6x better than i did last year!!! woo-hoo!

    as long as i can beat my place last year (2nd to last), i think i’ll be happy. :))

    i strong-armed steve into doing this, btw. :P

    OH, and the duke v. VCU game — great game, but it was the one and only time i actually wanted duke to win! suxors.

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