(Most of) The Usual Suspects

Here they are, everyone’s brackets! I know y’all have been checking my blog over and over all day for this, and I’m sorry I have a job this week, but what can ya do? As usual, I strong-armed (I love the imagery that conjures for some reason) almost everyone who’s playing into submitting a bracket. Sometimes light pressure (a mere email!) sufficed, sometimes I had to instant message people in the morning (hi misa!) =) I didn’t have a chance to email Al again though. I think that’s the thing about the “know-nothing” part: people don’t know much about college basketball cos they don’t care! Well, that doesn’t explain me, I think March Madness is pretty cool, I just can’t seem to pay any attention until March. /:) Anyhow, here’re the brackets:

CT, who picked Memphis

Jimyo, who hasn’t picked a winner! I’ll have to ask him for it.

Kitty, who picked Ohio St.

LewLewis, no surprise, picked Virginia

me, and I picked Georgetown last minute. Cos I had Kansas before, but dude, they’re chokers! Last year they lost to Bucknell! And I forget who the year before that. Gah. Now if they win I am going to cry. /:)

misa picked Florida.

Seth picked Ohio St.

Steve picked UCLA

YB picked Kansas

Yuhk (Yut’s bro) picked UCLA

Yut picked Florida

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  1. SOo tempted to pick MD all the way. Can’t help it. :}

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