Round 2

Sorry for the slow updates, guys. I’ve been obsessively watching Bleach (anime series based on the manga) on YouTube — it’s just like when I was younger and I used to watch Asian series with my parents. It’d be like 50 tapes with multiple episodes per tape and once I got into it I’d watch and watch and watch and I’d start feeling like a crazy person but I’d keep watching. Anyhows, Bleach is really good, but it’s a continuing series (not ended yet) so I’m not sure if it was a great idea to get all into it cos when I reach episode 100 whatever, I’ll probably suffer withdrawal. Well actually even if it was a series that was done, I’d probably suffer withdrawal, but at least there would’ve been the closure of a series done. Yut’s been watching with me thus far, but we got done with one story arc, and I don’t think he can keep up with me anymore. Yes I’m talented, too bad not in any sort of useful way.

I know, my crazy tv watching capabilities aren’t what you’re wondering about. So here it is, the current scores for our little pool:
End of Round 2

  • Lew: 66
  • yut: 62
  • misa:61
  • CT, Kitty, Yut’s brother: 55
  • me:54
  • Steve:51
  • Seth: 49
  • YB: 44
  • Jimyo: 36

Yeah, Lewis is pulling ahead more and more. But! Yut and I also calculated the future points that you can’t possibly get cos the team that you picked to win already lost, and he’s leading that with 31 points already lost. The team he picked to win it all (Virginia) is out! So I dunno what’s gonna happen. Oh btw, Jimyo forgot to pick a winner so I had to go bug him for it. When I asked, he said, “uh Utah.” Which goes to show how much he’s paid attention cos Utah didn’t make the tournament. :)) Anyhows, he finally picked Ohio State and 88 points total for the championship game. (If I got that wrong, lemme know, Jimyo.) Sweet Sixteen games start on Thursday, so I’ll post more scores then!


  1. So many tears I’ve cried
    So much pain inside
    But baby it ain’t over ’til it’s over

  2. bah, still 2nd to last. this is so depressing! :P

  3. Gawd, it’s depressing to be in 2nd. I can feel misa eyeing my position covetously.

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