Sweet(-ish) Sixteen Day 1

You know what I notice about this pool? Some of us always seem to do alright (misa! yut! lew!), most of us are middling, and maybe some of us do poorly (basically Jimyo, sorry dude, although YB is giving him a run for his money now), BUT THEN! Kitty and CT! What’s going on?! They called EVERY game correctly in last night’s games!!! Kitty! And CT! Madness!

Sweet 16 Day 1

  • Lew: 72
  • Yut: 68
  • CT(!), Kitty (!!), misa: 67
  • Yut’s brother: 64
  • me: 63
  • Steve: 60
  • Seth: 58
  • YB: 47
  • Jimyo: 45

The rest of the Sweet Sixteen with be played tonight, I don’t think shocking news is possible cos everyone’s already picked some teams wrong, but I could be wrong, we’ll just have to see. Sheesh. (Which btw, saying “sheesh” reminds me of Seth for some reason. I am like the King of Non Sequiturs.)


  1. Kansas won!
    And they teach evolution again!
    Also go misa!

    Seth has so many nicknames … all thought of by meg?

  2. HEY… i do not appreciate TWO !’s HOW COME CT ONLY GOT ONE!!! hey hey hey two years ago i was rockin!… i mean i admit i fucked up pretty bad last year.. but i didnt play ini mini myni mo this time! lol

  3. I’m just skilled like that, so it’s not as surprising that I nailed every game last night. You, on the other hand, we don’t know.

  4. Kansas has been so dominating this year I am sad that I had that last minute “Kansas choked the last two years” thought.

    Kitty you got !! only cos you were alphabetically 2nd. Sorry CT. :P

  5. hahahaha ok good to know its the alphabet and not skills=P cuz i was about to say… ct?!!? skills!??! @-)

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