Sweet Sixteen Day 2

Last night, Steve and Yut called every game correctly. This year, you got rewarded if you picked completely safe and had the #1 and #2 seeds coming out of the Sweet 16, cos the only exception was Oregon, a #3 seed. Seriously, where’s the madness in that?! So yeah, I realized that calling every game right just isn’t as impressive this year. :P

Sweet Sixteen

  • Yut: 80
  • Lew: 78
  • Kitty(!), misa: 76
  • mim, Steve: 72
  • CT, Yut’s brother: 70
  • Seth: 67
  • YB: 56
  • Jimyo: 51

Lew’s future points already lost is catching up with him finally, I think he only has 4 more points possible. Yut and misa are both still doing well, Kitty’s doing amazingly well, but I think lots of us are still in the running cos “the spread is really low” (that’s how Yut put it). I guess it’s crazy in a different kind of way. =)


  1. I’ll tell you where the madness is: it’s me not winning!!! Ludicrous.

  2. yeah, everyone is still in the running except me. i stopped following the games, b/c my bracket was too depressing to follow anymore (since georgetown is the only team i have that is still in the running).

  3. again! there is no need for this “amazingly” well stuff and !s!!!!!! lol…

  4. Yes there is. You’re a kid who knows nuffin’ about nuffin’! There aren’t enough !’s to represent my astonishment that you’re beating me. AGAIN!!! Oh the humanity.

  5. Kitty the winner?! That’d be more amazing than Charlotte winning it all in 2005.

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