Jumping onto the Bleach and BitTorrent Bandwagons

I went from watching Bleach on TV (Cartoon Network) to watching episodes on YouTube to now downloading (through BitTorrent) episodes directly from the fansub groups — fansub = fan subtitled (I think) which I like better than dubbing. Although I’m still gonna watch on Cartoon Network too. (Yut: “Why can’t you do anything in moderation?!” )

Anyhows, Yut is like 30 episodes behind me, and I decided I liked Bleach enough to download all the episodes for archiving on DVDs, so I’m trying to download all 120 current (cos it’s an ongoing series) episodes. Mostly this means I’m leaving my laptop on, and bittorrenting during the day (work hours) and night (sleeping hours, duh!), which works out pretty well. Except today. I’ve been trying to unplug things in our room that are easy to reach before I leave for work in the morning — stuff like the tv, dvd player, phone chargers, that sort of thing. This morning, I unplugged the laptop too. Oops. (Yut: “Why can’t you do anything in moderation?!” Also, “hahaha!” )


  1. Heehee, “moderation is for wussies” is our motto. Yeah, I’ve been trying to unplug most things at home too. Less power drain.

  2. I can’t really take too much credit for this — the surge protector is right next to my foot every day when I get outta bed and I plug my cell charger in to it too so it’s easy enough to just unplug a couple of extra plugs.

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