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I realized today that I hadn’t posted for a whole week now, which is a long time! I dunno, been busy I guess. I did put up a whole bunch of photos this week, though. I finally finished putting up photos from Sydney! Well even though it’s super late, I’ll sum up Australia really quickly. Basically, the country was really homogeneous, mostly white, until we got to Sydney. In Sydney we saw more Asians, but still, not that many. I guess I’m used to more diversity. The other thing about Australia as a whole was that it was so clean! And there were no homeless people! I don’t know, are there seriously no homeless people in Australia? We might’ve seen a few in Adelaide, I’m not sure. They were also Aborigines, not sure what that says. Anyhows, it was especially noticeable in Sydney, which is a pretty major/big city.

In Sydney, we went to Tetsuya’s, which is supposed to be one of the better restaurants in Sydney (and I think therefore Australia). It was good with some standout courses, but I didn’t think it was uniformly spectacular when comparing it to other super swanky top-notch sorts of places that we’ve been to. The service was pretty awesome throughout dinner, but making a reservation was awful. Besides getting my credit card info which is pretty standard nowadays, they also sent me email and told me to fax some form back to confirm my reservation. I just called them when I got to Sydney, but it was kind of annoying and ridiculous. I guess they must’ve gotten burned by diners from overseas a lot, but still. Anyways, I put up photos from Tetsuya’s and my thoughts on the food on flickr.

Funnily enough, we went to a place called Sailors Thai (106 George St. 02.9251.2466) that we thought was much more exciting and delicious, although it was a completely different type of restaurant. There’s a “canteen” and a restaurant upstairs and downstairs with the canteen being more casual and the restaurant more sit down formal. We ate at the canteen and it was just awesome. From CT’s photo’s: .

Okay, there’s probably more, but really, I feel a little silly finishing up my Australia posts over a month after we went. At least the Australia photo set is finally complete. :)


  1. oo… looks good.. aside from the cilantro >_

  2. erm… ur thingie cut off my comment… i was in the middle of saying cilantro is yucky but what is it?=P

  3. What’s cilantro? It’s aka coriander or Chinese parsley and it’s an herb. I think maybe sorta related to parsley. It’s yummy. And the roll thing was amazing!

  4. LOL i know what cilantro is~ i meant whats the roll thing~ =P

  5. Oh, sorry:)
    It’s just a vegetarian spring roll type of thing with tofu and veggies and whatnot and a salty chili sauce. Yum.

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