Asparagus Smell

Evidently, some people are genetically predisposed to smelly pee after eating asparagus, and some people are genetically predisposed to being able to smell it. So in other words, if you eat asparagus, then your pee is, shall we say, differently scented, then it’s because you’re genetically predisposed to smelly pee AND you’re genetically able to smell it. Whereas if you eat asparagus and you can’t smell anything different, it could be that your pee doesn’t smell OR it could be that you can’t smell it, or both. Crazy! This whole thing cries out for a Venn diagram, but I started to make one and it made me feel too goofy (I mean more so than writing this post), so no Venn diagram.

I never knew about any of this until one of Gene Weingarten’s chats cos I’ve never really given asparagus much thought. And actually, my parents would be shocked, SHOCKED!, to hear this, but there was a sale on young green asparagus bunches at Berkeley Bowl (sale being one of my favorite words) and so we got some, and it was good! Really, I’m totally messing with my “Pickiest” title here. But now I know, I am in that intersection, A∩B, where asparagus totally makes my pee smell funny. I know, I am so educational. :D


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