Couch: A Saga. Sort of.

We finally decided to get rid of our old couch last weekend. It was due — the middle seat’s support beam was broken, plus it was old. Since misa and neb were looking to sell their old couch we figured it was a sign! (I dunno why I’m all about signs this month.)

At first we were gonna rent a U-Haul, but dude, even though they advertise prices like $24.95 per day or whatever, the small print says + 79¢/mile, which is crazy when misa and neb live 40 miles away. Also, there’s no U-Haul within walking distance of our place, which makes even picking up the moving truck thing annoying. Sadly, Avis (preferred cos it’s 3 blocks away) had no trucks or vans or large SUVs available, so we checked Enterprise, our regular second choice (it being further but still walkable), and they had a cargo van available! Yay!

On Saturday, we woke up early (that means before noon) and walked over to Enterprise. It was Earth Day weekend, and Berkeley had closed some streets down and there were a ton of stands and stuff in addition to the regular farmer’s market. We wandered around for a little while and barely just got to the Enterprise (I keep thinking Federation Star Ship everything I type that) in time cos we lost track. Then we went home and carried the old couch down from our 2nd floor apartment and loaded up the couch into the van which was tough! But do-able. Also, we didn’t care too much about whatever damage it took, which helped. I did push Yut’s hand into a wall though. He was slowing down in front of me but I didn’t notice and couldn’t see so I kept walking. Oops. Yut also loaded up our old coffee table that I’d broken years ago when I put some hot stew on the glass top. Also oops.
Our old coffee table and couch
Even though misa mentioned that she needed to take a few things to throw away too, but we didn’t think to combine the trips and just throw away our things in Santa Clara until after we drove everything down to the Berkeley Waste Transfer Station and threw away our couch. There’s a salvage van at the transfer station for the things that are in good shape, and we gave our coffee table to them, so I guess it turned out for the best.

Then we went down to Santa Clara and hung out and ate at Yuki Sushi and walked around their house and garden. Yut and neb loaded the new couch onto the van, which didn’t seem so bad! Heheheheheh!!! (That’s retrospective laughter on my part.)

By the time we got home, it was late and raining. We tried to move the couch, but omg, it was huger than I thought. We couldn’t even get it in through the front door/gate thing (basically a metal screen door) to the building. So we decided to try it tomorrow. We brainstormed a ton of dumb ideas about moving the couch. Then the next morning we tried some of the dumb ideas — like trying to get the couch over the gate. Way impossible!!! Finally Yut unscrewed the wooden legs and brought down one of our computer chairs (no arms, with wheels, but they turn) and we put my end on the chair and Yut held up his end and we got it in through the gate to the stairs. Then I pulled and Yut pushed the couch sections up the stairs and into our apartment, and omg we were so tired!

If you look at a photo of the black couch in misa and neb’s house, it looks big, but not that big. In our apartment though it is huge! Way bigger than our old couch. Afterwards, we were pretty proud of ourselves. Well especially me cos I didn’t think I could do it. Yut asked Cliff to help him actually, and he was gonna stop by after Jacob’s 2nd birthday party, but somehow we managed it. Hopefully though, I never have to move large pieces of furniture again cos I don’t think I’m cut out for that sort of thing.


  1. What does it look like? pics!

  2. haha! I was thinking about it! But, well, we need to clean. Then we’ll see. :D

  3. yeah, i was wondering why no pics of what it looks like in its new home :)

  4. dude that couch is huge

  5. I knew it would be big in your place.
    I hope its ok…

  6. so like i was a complete idiot… and it turned out it was not just the one socket i tried.but it was just my luck that the other one didnt work either… somethin about that socket being activated by the light switch or something… either way i’m an idiot and the universal adapter works!… but my house sockets dont-_-;;

  7. hehe, ben, you have a better sense of dimensions than I do! Amd it’s great, the moving was just entry worthy! :)

    And K, you are hella funny! Still though I think you should call HP and double check about the warranty cos if they’ll send you a replacement for your power adapter, it would be good.

  8. Awesome! An upgrade. :)

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