Final Four Down to Two

Ohio State 67 : Georgetown 60 and Florida 76 : UCLA 66, neither game close.
Scores After the Final Four

  • Kitty(!!!): 100
  • Yut: 98
  • misa: 90
  • Seth: 89
  • Steve: 88
  • Yut’s bro: 84
  • Lew: 82
  • mim: 76
  • Jimyo: 73
  • CT: 70
  • YB: 64

And the only person who picked everything correctly was … <drumroll> Kitty! (Which she pointed out yesterday, in what may have been the first basketball game she’s ever paid any attention to.) Yes I know, but it’s true, she’s currently in first. I think only she and Yut have a chance to win this pool, depending on if Ohio State wins (Kitty) or Florida wins (Yut). But on the other end, YB has sewn up last place! Up until this weekend, there was a 3 way race with a possibility of a tie for last, but now it’s definite. Congratulations YB! =)

Final is tomorrow around 9:30pm Eastern (6:30pm Pacific), I know y’all are holding your breaths! After that, I’ll try and finish posting Aussie photos and whatnot. I am slooooow.

Also, happy April Fool’s Day! But everything on this post is for reals: Kitty really is in first!


  1. i’m not even gonna say it~ imma just let that one go… lol

  2. damn, i’ve got some talent. btw, picking to be last is infinitely harder than picking to be first! so many upsets *could’ve* happened that would’ve made me fall somewhere in-between 1st and last place, but i persevered!

    on another note, i’m kinda excited about florida v. ohio state — maybe the gators will give the buckeyes another brutal beating like they did for the championship bowl. =)

  3. Your team is going down Kitty! Down I say!

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