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Nintendo released the final version of the Opera-based Internet Channel today. We had to update our Wii Shop Channel, then our Internet Channel, but it went fine, no problems. Haven’t had a chance to play with it though (guess why?). It’s a free download until June this year, so if you have a Wii, download it before then.

Okay, yeah anyhows, I think Super Paper Mario is new enough so that there aren’t any completed FAQs out yet, so I thought I’d post up some stuffs I’ve found useful. I don’t think it’s any sort of a spoiler, but in case someone out there feels strongly about playing it through without knowing anything, I’ll stick the rest after the jump. Also, I am a dork. Nerrrrrr…

    Prices and Items at the Shop in Yold Town (Ch. 1-2)

  • Fire Burst 7
  • POW 60
  • Shroom Shake 11
  • Long Last Shake 15
  • Life Shroom 50
  • Sleepy Sheep 25
  • Shell Shock 8
  • Mighty Tonic 50
  • Courage Shell 25
  • Volt Shroom 20

So far, that’s been the only shop besides the ones in the main (base) town, Flipside, so I would make sure to buy plenty of Shroom Shakes, 1 Fire Burst, and I like having a Life Shroom. You know, that’s one thing about this game versus Thousand Year Door is that it’s less role playing style, more of a platformer. I like both, but I was a bit taken aback cos I didn’t know when I started playing. Yut tried to tell me, but I thought it was just no more turn-based fighting.

    Prices and Items at the Howzit Shop in Flipside 2nd Floor

  • Shroom Shake 30
  • Long Last Shake 30
  • Life Shroom 100
  • Fire Burst 20
  • Ice Storm 40
  • Sleepy Sheep 10
  • Courage Shell 10
  • Shell Shock 20
  • Star Medal (1000 experience points) 50
  • Gold Bar 100

There’s one other shop dude, Flimm, but his inventory changes so there’s a lot. Also I haven’t seen a repeat on different days yet, so I’m not sure if his prices change or not.

    Saffron’s Recipes

  • Cake Mix → Sweet Cookie Snack (sells for 30)
  • Honey Jar → Honey Candy (24)
  • Peachy Peach → Peach Juice (28)
  • Keel Mango → Mango Juice (23)
  • Smelly Herb → Herb Tea (18)
  • Turtley Leaf → Koopa Tea (9)
  • Shroom Shake or Long Last Shake → Fried Shroom Plate (35)
  • Big Egg → Fried Egg (30)
  • Fresh Pasta Bunch → Spaghetti Plate (35)
  • Fire Burst → Spicy Soup (23)
  • Inky Sauce → Inky Soup (20)
  • Sleepy Sheep → Mistake (1?)

Okay that’s all. :P

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