We finally finished Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, a Nintendo DS game where you try cases, but honestly, it’s fun! Hard to describe though. It’s actually the second Phoenix Wright game — the first was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. If you haven’t tried (ha, inadvertent) the first one, it’s okay to pick up the second one, it’s not a continuation. But I would say that the first was somewhat better. It had more cases (5 vs 4) and I dunno, just really good varying stories. Also, this one seemed a little more rushed to publication, like some of the English translation was off. On the other hand, we really struggled to finish the last case on the first one and only sort of struggled to finish the last case on this one. I think the fifth case on Ace Attorney was longer and more involved. Our last client on this one was “refreshing like a spring breeze” (his own words). =) Anyhows, it was fun! Except we play it a lot right before bed and I seem to be only able to get through 5 to 10 screens before falling asleep every night, which is slow going. So I’m glad we finished it. Especially since next week Super Paper Mario is out! If it’s as fun as the last Paper Mario (Thousand Year Door) then it’ll be awesome!

Completely unrelated, but also sort of a milestone, I’ve taken over 10000 photos with my Nikon D50. I have no idea how I managed such a thing! Well ok that’s not completely accurate, I mean, I know I tend to take it everywhere and snap multiple shots of everything, so it’s not like I have over 10000 keepers, but you know, still! I don’t think I’ve taken that many photos with any previous camera. :P


  1. Why can’t you do anything in moderation? 10000 photos?

  2. 10000 photos?~ are you sure you need another camera?!?!!? lol well i’m LOVING my new one. its like great! it does everything and anything and never fails to keep surprising me=P i love it!! and the pictures are pretttty durn amazing. some of the best pictures i’ve taken yet! :)) mines the canon powershot sd630 digital elph with 6 megapixels and i love everything about it! i saw the next one up at best buy the other day thats like 7 megapixels and it looks pretty similar to mine buh hey it might be even cooler. =) anyway, if u are lookin to buy a new little one, i’m IN love with mine =)

  3. holy cow that’s a lot of photoz. but that’s good! i’m pretty similar with hotel dusk — i have a conversation, MAYBE two and then fall asleep. we could buy your phoenix write if you want to recycle… :D

  4. wright! wright! wright! :P

  5. the feedable link on scrambled eggs was very interesting

  6. That platter looked delicious and I usually like well done scrambled eggs.

  7. I like the scrambled eggs too.

  8. yay you guys notice my links!
    I put stuff that I think is interesting up there on my and now feedable saved articles too but I wasn’t sure if anyone ever looked. :))

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