Well at least this year’s game wasn’t as boring as last year’s when UCLA checked out from the start. This year Ohio was behind the whole game, but now and then they evened up and it looked like there’d be some fun. Final score: Florida 84, Ohio State 75.

Only two people called Florida (which returned all 5 of the starters from last year’s team): misa and Yut. We already know who won the pool this year: Yut. That’s right, Florida repeats, and Yut repeats too! Honestly, what were the chances? 2nd was Kitty, who was last just one year ago, so I gotta give her credit for that. I have to admit, I was sorta hoping that Ohio State would win because it’d be funny to see Kitty get to trash talk Yut, but alas it wasn’t to be. misa was third, and consistently third the whole time. Last year I think she was second, and the year before she was first so I hope this isn’t a trend!

    Final scores:

  • Yut: 106
  • Kitty: 100
  • misa: 98
  • Seth: 89
  • Steve: 88
  • YuHK: 84
  • Lewis: 82
  • me: 76
  • Jimyo: 73
  • CT: 70
  • YB: 64

You know what this means? Yut gets another kiss and winner’s handshake! I’ll even add in a hearty “Congratulations!” to the mix! (Am generosity itself.) =)


  1. darn.. six points away from pure tasty trash talk… 8-| so close… so sad…

  2. Aww nuts. Next year…

    Congrats Tigs! Sorry Kitty, it would’ve been fun if you’d won, but you did really well anyway.

  3. damn, i gotta try harder next year to win that kiss, handshake, and maybe “congrats!” @-)

  4. i think mim tailors her prize based on who wins. you might not want that kiss. :)

  5. A hearty handshake isn’t something I get very often.

  6. I know what prize I’d want! I trip to Berkeley Bowl AND 99 where she’d have to accompany me through the WHOLE entire store without rolling her eyes even once. Next year, next year…

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