A while back, I ordered a Nikon 18-200mm VR lens for $750 (reviewed by Thom Hogan if you want to see a picture of the lens next to my current lens or check out some specs). I know, I know, crazy expensive! But I figured it would cover a lot of the focal ranges I would ever use (11x zoom vs 3.9x zoom) and have VR (vibration reduction, so if my hands are shaking in low light situations there’s still hope) and be a good single lens. And ok, I have lens lust!

But when I first ordered it, it was backordered — it’s a popular lens, so it’s backordered most of the time. Then I started having second thoughts (cos I mean $750!!!) so I went to cancel the order, but when I checked my email to get the order information, it turned out it got shipped already. So I figured, well ok, not protesting too much here. But then! A week and a half after it shipped, it hadn’t arrived yet! Well long story short, it disappeared off the FedEx truck, so Ritz is gonna send me a claim form and I’m not getting a lens, and I guess it’s a sign.


  1. One time (Summer, 2005), I was riding the Metrobus and a FedEx truck skimmed our bus. The FedEx driver didn’t stop, hit and run.

  2. That crocodile vet photo is absolutely disgusting.

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