Yut and I reinstalled our computers this weekend. Considering how much we love our computers, you’d think we’d be all good with reinstalling them, but no, I think reinstallation is awful and harrowing. (Okay, harrowing is probably a little melodramatic, but whatevs, you get what I mean.) I mean, my poor computer’s been in need of a reinstall for ages — I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like a Windows computer needs a reinstall every other year or so (really, that actually goes to show how much better Windows is now than it used to be, cos I used to think a reinstall every year was pretty necessary just to clear out all the excess settings and applications that bog down the operating system). But it’s been like 3 years without a reinstall at least; I’ve redone my sister’s computer more recently than my own! So it was overdue, but gawd, I have the worst luck with formatting and reinstalling Windows on my computer. Everytime I reinstall something awful happens! Last time was some hardware incompatibility and my computer crashed (blue screen of death) all the time and it took a long time to figure it out. This time, my second harddrive lost its partition information and was recognized as “unallocated space.” My photos, all 10,000+ of them, gone! Well, Yut and I back up our data on each other’s computers so it wasn’t a total loss, but all the photos from Australia onwards hadn’t been backed up yet, so we had to run some file recovery software to get those back. Gaaaaah! On the other hand my computer is running beautifully, I just have to copy all the rest of my photos back from Yut’s computer. Still, reinstalling a computer isn’t always this difficult; Yut’s went swimmingly. Hmmph! Actually, it would be pretty awful if both of our computers had a cow, so I guess I take back the “Hmmph!”

Well I didn’t really know where I was going with this post, and it basically turned into a long rant. Err, ok, the moral of the story is, back up your files! There, now this entry is more like an uplifting fable!


  1. No woman, it’s not an uplifting fable. It sounds more like a nightmare that I never want to face. Thank goodness I know people who do this for me for free. Cow wrasslin’ and all.

  2. haha yeah i’m with ct on this… lol=P buhhh… yeahhh well if u lose ur pics, theres still some on flicker! =) or does it not work that way… and if they get deleted from ur comp they get deleted from flicker… o_O oh well. just glad to hear u two’s techy intelligence has saved ur pics. =)

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