Work Interferes

Yesterday we picked up Super Paper Mario for the Wii. I’ve played like 7+ hours (only) total last night and tonight, and I’d still be playing right now except I’m so tired that I started yelling at the tv every time I couldn’t figure something out, which was pretty frequently. I was tired all day at work today — I wish there was still such a thing as Spring Break, but I guess it already passed even for you young’uns that have a Spring Break. I’m actually too tired to write this post. Suffice it to say, I’m on Chapter 3-4 and the game’s been fun so far, I’d buy it all over again for sure. I should say, though, that I liked Thousand Year Door better, but I lurved Thousand Year Door, so probably biased. But it’s kind of cool that Bowser’s not the bad guy, although of course he’s still “grade A prime final boss” material! I think I <3 Bowser. RAWR! }:)


  1. No wonder you were so distracted and preoccupied. Sounds like a cute game though!

  2. Awesome that you like it!
    I can’t wait.
    They were sold out when we went!

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